What’s Holding you Back?

Are your eating habits dragging you down or propelling you toward optimal health? Is your workout routine truly tailored to your goals?

Unlock the hidden potential within you. Smart nutrition is the most underestimated secret weapon of peak performance. With a customized nutrition plan, witness a remarkable transformation in both your overall well-being and athletic prowess.

It’s time to break free from limitations and embrace the path to your best self!

Coaching Designed to Reach your Potential

Make every second of exercise training count by mastering the art of what to eat, when and why. Our personalized nutrition and cycling training programs are crafted to align with your unique physiology, lifestyle, performance goals, and health aspirations.

It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart. 

Elevate your performance journey today!

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Meet Coach Sofi

Coach Sofi Marin is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and experienced
UCI Cycling Coach who delivers individualized nutrition and cycle coaching designed to propel clients to the next level, optimizing their health, body composition and athletic performance.

With over two decades of experience in athletics and nutrition, Coach Sofi combines her expertise in exercise physiology and training techniques with evidence-based nutrition principles to help clients reach a higher level of holistic health and performance.

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See what people are saying

Coach Sofi has been amazing! Her guidance this year has launched me to the next level. The nutritional support is top-notch, which allows me to drop weight during the race season, without any emotional suffering or power loss.

We worked hard to infuse positive eating habits and I’ve been able to drop fat, drop weight, and gain power over the past few months.”

Marco L.

I thought I knew a lot about eating healthy and was skeptical that I could really change my body composition without restricting and counting calories. Sofi totally blew me away with her knowledge and behavior-based program. It transformed how I think about nutrition and I lost almost 20 pounds of body fat.

Because Sofi is also a great cycling coach, she understands my particular needs. My watts-per-kg and VO2max skyrocketed by 32% and 24%. Didn’t count one calorie and didn’t feel hungry. Thanks coach!”

Haley N.

Sofi is a supportive breath of fresh air! Her commitment to wellness by way of exercise and “food-as-medicine” helped me re-pattern my food habits and stream-lined my kitchen routine with brilliant cooking tips while I transitioned from a meat diet to a 100% plant-based diet. She then welcomed me to try out simple and tasty recipes that would help towards my goal of getting enough protein while gaining muscle.

Just a couple of months in, I feel more clear-minded than ever before, my sleep has improved and my day-to-night energy is even-keeled. Stamina while exercising is higher, recovery is lightning quick!”

Pete J.