4-Week Lean Up Nutrition & Training Program

Dynamic image featuring cyclists benefiting from the Lean Up Nutrition and Training program, a holistic approach for sustainable fat loss. Explore the intersection of cycling, nutrition, and training expertise to achieve your fitness goals. Uncover the power of Lean Up for lasting fat loss results without sacrificing performance.

Are you ready to get lean?

Join me for LEAN UP, a 4-Week Comprehensive Nutrition Plan and Training Program that will help you lean up and improve your health! (No deprivation or calorie counting necessary).

Now you can begin the LEAN UP program at ANY TIME! You choose your start date and the program will be sent to you. 


With over two decades of experience in athletics and nutrition, I have combined my expertise in exercise physiology with evidence-based nutrition principles to create a comprehensive program to help you reach your body composition and health goals.

You can get back on track and strip away those extra pounds with this easy-to-follow meal plan and training program.

Learn what to eat, when and why. You’ll also be provided with an exercise training plan that promotes fat loss and teaches your body to be an efficient burner. Let’s do this!

4-Week Lean Up Nutrition & Training Program

WHAT: Customized Lean-Up Nutrition AND Training Plan developed by Certified Sports Nutritionist, USA Cycling Coach, Cat 1 Road Cyclist, and Former UCI WorldTour Team Staff Member Coach Sofi Marin.

Plan includes:

    • 7-Day Meal Plan (vegan & omnivore options!)
    • 4-week Cycling Training Plan OR Walking/Strength Plan to Maximize Fat Loss (All levels welcome)
    • Delicious, Easy Recipes
    • Shopping List
    • Nutrition Tips to Maximize Success
    • Weekly Nutrition & Training Tips

WHO: ALL are welcome (beginner to advanced). Not a cyclist? I will create a walking and strength exercise regimen for you to promote fat-loss.

WHY: Learn how to shed fat in a healthy and sustainable way with an expert coach. Pairing nutrition with a training plan is the most effective approach to improving body composition. However, the type of exercise you do can either hinder or help your fat loss goals. Bonus: Periodized Nutrition works to maximize fitness gains. Optimize your aerobic endurance and ability to burn fat for fuel by pairing specific training with a tailored nutrition plan that maximizes your aerobic and metabolic adaptations.

HOW: Upon entry you will be on-boarded to the customized nutrition and training program. Daily workouts emailed direct to you with instructions using our online platform TrainingPeaks. Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes and Nutrition Tips will be delivered via email.

WHEN: Start ANY TIME! Start before Feb. 10, 2022 and get access to a Live Q&A Zoom with Coach Sofi

HOW MUCH:  $205


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