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How to Eat Like an Athlete

Daily and Race-Day Nutrition for Athletes We often talk about what to eat during workouts to help improve performance. (Check out Fueling for your Rides) But what should you eat when you’re not working out? How should you structure your daily diet to perform and feel your best?  Watch as Certified Nutritionist and Cycling Coach […]

Nutrition for Female Endurance Cyclists

VIDEO: Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes – Women’s Edition! Watch Sports Nutritionist Coach Sofi and Womxn’s Cycling Group SheRAMROD as we dig into Fueling for Women Cyclists! If you don’t know, SheRAMROD is a group or riders aiming to increase the participation of womxn in cycling events.  Female Athletes have different nutritional requirements than men […]

INSCYD Performance Testing Now Available!

Want to improve your cycling fitness and performance? I’m so excited to offer INSCYD Performance Testing to athletes and cyclists who want to truly optimize performance and get the most out of their time spent training. What is INSCYD Performance Testing and Metabolic Profiling? INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze and plan endurance […]

About Coach Sofi

Certified Sports Nutritionist + Experienced UCI Cycling Coach + Accomplished Athlete Coach Sofia Marin is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, UCI Cycling Coach, and accomplished Cat 1 athlete who delivers individualized nutrition programs and cycle coaching designed to elevate clients to the next level, optimizing their health and athletic performance. INTERSECTION OF NUTRITION & PERFORMANCE With […]