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How to use Caffeine as a Performance Aid

Invigorating steaming cup of coffee – a perfect companion for athletes. Caffeine, a natural performance aid, heightens alertness and decreases fatigue. Use it before hitting your workout or competition

Want to be at the top of your game?  Caffeine is one of the most powerful sports performance supplements yet it is often used improperly! Caffeine is a powerful ergogenic aid to improve your sports performance, but are you using the right amount, the best sources, and timing it correctly?  I’ve distilled the scientific research […]

Easy Vegan Pancakes to Fuel your Workouts

These vegan pancakes are delicious and easy to make! Check out the recipe below! Vegan Pancakes are one of my favorite workout fuel recommendations. Why? If you’re planning on doing a long, moderate-intensity workout like: a long bike ride, a long run, or spending the day rock climbing at the crag, these pancakes are the […]

How to Eat Like an Athlete

A well-balanced plate showcasing a variety of nutrient-rich foods, embodying the principles of athlete nutrition for everyday eating. High-quality proteins, colorful vegetables, wholesome grains, and essential fats make this a powerhouse of nutrition. Learn how to eat like an athlete daily for optimal health and performance.

Daily and Race-Day Nutrition for Athletes We often talk about what to eat during workouts to help improve performance. (Check out Fueling for your Rides) But what should you eat when you’re not working out? How should you structure your daily diet to perform and feel your best? Watch as Certified Nutritionist and Cycling Coach […]

New Certification! Plant-Based Protein Tips

Plant-based Athlete Sports Nutrition Certification I couldn’t be more please to announce I have earned a Certification in “Plant-based Proteins in Sport” to better support the plant-based athlete. The certification was led by renowned Sports Nutrition Scientist Asker Jeukendrup and MySportScience Academy. I can now provide even more evidence-based sports nutrition support to plant-based, vegetarian […]

Nutrition for Female Endurance Cyclists

VIDEO: Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes – Women’s Edition! Watch Sports Nutritionist Coach Sofi and Womxn’s Cycling Group SheRAMROD as we dig into Fueling for Women Cyclists! If you don’t know, SheRAMROD is a group or riders aiming to increase the participation of womxn in cycling events. Female Athletes have different nutritional requirements than men […]

Want to Improve Performance? Focus on Recovery

Image preview for a YouTube tutorial: Elevate your fitness game with smart recovery practices. Delve into the underestimated aspect of training to understand how our bodies strengthen post-exercise.

Train Hard, Recover Harder Recovery is one of the most underestimated aspects of training.  We don’t get stronger when we exercise. We get stronger after we exercise, when our bodies adapt to the stresses experienced during our workout.  The axiom we use as coaches goes like this: Stress+Rest=Fitness. Simply put, if you want to get […]

Fueling For Your Rides

Get insights from a professional cycling coach and sports nutritionist! In this image, a seasoned cyclist shares valuable tips on optimal fueling for cycling workouts. Learn firsthand from the expert as they guide you through effective nutrition strategies, helping you maximize performance, endurance, and recovery. Elevate your cycling experience with personalized insights from a professional, ensuring you fuel your rides for success.

Do you switch up what you eat during workouts depending on your ride goals, duration and intensity? If not, it’s time to start!  Empower your athletic journey with my tutorial on optimal workout fueling strategies. Learn essential techniques and nutrition insights tailored for endurance athletes, guiding you toward peak performance. Discover the art of fueling […]

About Coach Sofi

Meet Coach Sofi, a professional nutritionist and cycling coach, in action. This image captures the expertise of a seasoned professional dedicated to enhancing your performance. Explore tailored nutrition and training programs designed to elevate your cycling journey. Trust Coach Sofi for expert guidance on achieving your fitness goals through personalized strategies and proven methodologies.

Certified Sports Nutritionist + Experienced UCI Cycling Coach + Accomplished Athlete Coach Sofi Marin is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, UCI Diploma Cycling Coach, and accomplished Cat 1 athlete. She delivers individualized nutrition programs and cycle coaching designed to elevate clients to the next level, markedly optimizing their health and athletic performance. INTERSECTION OF NUTRITION & PERFORMANCE […]