Fueling For Your Rides

Get insights from a professional cycling coach and sports nutritionist! In this image, a seasoned cyclist shares valuable tips on optimal fueling for cycling workouts. Learn firsthand from the expert as they guide you through effective nutrition strategies, helping you maximize performance, endurance, and recovery. Elevate your cycling experience with personalized insights from a professional, ensuring you fuel your rides for success.

Do you switch up what you eat during workouts depending on your ride goals, duration and intensity? If not, it’s time to start! 

Empower your athletic journey with my tutorial on optimal workout fueling strategies. Learn essential techniques and nutrition insights tailored for endurance athletes, guiding you toward peak performance. Discover the art of fueling your body efficiently for workouts, ensuring sustained energy, enhanced endurance, and accelerated recovery. Unleash your full athletic potential with my step-by-step guide to strategic and effective workout nutrition.

I joined Rapha Cycle Club last week to help teach cyclists how to fuel for specific workouts to maximize performance, increase adaptations, and stay lean. Check out the video to find out my expert nutrition tips on how to best fuel for your cycling workouts!



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Here’s the Breakdown on my Fueling Tips:

Top Mistakes for on-the-bike Nutrition

1) Neglecting Hydration

2) Under eating

3) Not considering Demands and Goals of the Ride


Mistake #1: Poor Hydration 

Feel Thirsty? If so, you’re likely at 2% below optimal body water, which results in up to an 11% drop in peak power output. 

Conscious hydration is necessary to efficiently replenish body water & salt losses to keep the body cool and functioning optimally. Plain water alone does not sufficiently replenish body water losses while exercising, unless exercise is very low intensity with minimal sweating. 

Instead, focus on what I call Functional Hydration: drinks that include sodium, electrolytes, and a little sugar to optimize fluid absorption. 


Mistake #2: Under Eating on the Bike

Keep in mind that ride duration and intensity (among other factors) determine caloric demands. The harder the ride, the more glycogen depleting it will be. This means you’ll have to consciously fuel with carbohydrates. Conversely, if you are doing an easy, endurance pace ride, it can be counterproductive to fuel with simple sugars like gels and blocks. 


Mistake #3: Ignoring the Demands of your Ride

The harder and longer the workout, the more you’ll need to fuel with carbohydrates both on and off the bike.


Fueling for your Rides

“It’s not as simple as ‘Calories Burned.’ Understanding how ride intensity, duration, and terrain impact fuel utilization can help you dial in your nutrition & hydration strategy to maximize performance.” – Coach Sofi


Depending on the intensity of the workout among other factors, there will be a percentage of calories coming from fat (no need to replenish) versus calories coming from carbohydrates/glycogen (need to replenish, but not all at once). 


Fueling & Hydration Strategy for Three Workouts:

#1 Easy Ride or Long Endurance Ride 

Goal: Endurance building, Fat-burning, Metabolic efficiency

Fueling Strategy -> Go To Video Clip @ 33:12min

Revitalize your endurance training with a nutritious spread! This image features a whole-food peanut butter jelly sandwich and sweet potato, the perfect fuels for long and challenging workouts. Packed with essential nutrients, this energizing snack provides sustained energy, supporting your body through extended periods of physical activity.

#2 Short, Hard Ride

Goal: Hit high power, multiple accelerations, finish strong

Fueling Strategy -> Go To Video Clip @ 35:55min

Maximize your short, intense workouts with our curated list of specific foods designed for peak performance. Explore the power of nutrient-packed options that provide the ideal fuel for quick and intense training sessions.

#3 Long, Hard Group Ride or Race

Goal: Multiple accelerations, multiple threshold & anaerobic efforts, finish strong.

Fueling Strategy -> Go To Video Clip @ 38:16min


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