How to Eat Like an Athlete

A well-balanced plate showcasing a variety of nutrient-rich foods, embodying the principles of athlete nutrition for everyday eating. High-quality proteins, colorful vegetables, wholesome grains, and essential fats make this a powerhouse of nutrition. Learn how to eat like an athlete daily for optimal health and performance.

Daily and Race-Day Nutrition for Athletes

We often talk about what to eat during workouts to help improve performance. (Check out Fueling for your Rides) But what should you eat when you’re not working out? How should you structure your daily diet to perform and feel your best?

Watch as Certified Nutritionist and Cycling Coach Sofi gives clear explanations on what to eat (and when) on a daily basis in order to maximize performance gains and improve your long-term health.

Coach Sofi gives practical tips on how to divide your meal plate and also delves into specific daily targets for carbs, protein and fat depending on your training intensity and volume.

Female vs. Male Sports Nutrition

A visually appealing, balanced plate featuring lean proteins, whole grains, and colorful vegetables. This image illustrates proper protein recommendations for male and female athletes, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded diet to support their training, performance, and health.

With a certification in Sports Nutrition for the Female Athlete, Coach Sofi also identifies key sex differences to keep in mind when planning daily nutrition for female athletes.

Race-Day Meal Planning

Professional female cyclist shares sample race-day meal plan, emphasizing the importance of strategic nutrition for optimal performance. Plan ahead and choose your foods wisely to have a successful race. #racedayfuel

Learn how to create your own race-day meal plan, from breakfast to pre-race snack to post-race nutrition. Skip ahead to see a sample race-day meal plan for your next triathlon, cycling event, bike race, or other sporting event.

Watch the Daily & Race-Day Nutrition Video Presentation!

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