Nutrition for Female Endurance Cyclists

VIDEO: Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes – Women’s Edition!

Watch Sports Nutritionist Coach Sofi and Womxn’s Cycling Group SheRAMROD as we dig into Fueling for Women Cyclists!

If you don’t know, SheRAMROD is a group or riders aiming to increase the participation of womxn in cycling events.

Female Athletes have different nutritional requirements than men

For instance, women can benefit from a few key nutritional interventions when it comes to long endurance events.

Above all, if you’re not tuning your training and racing to your menstrual cycle, you’re missing out on big potential!

Watch the Video!

Did you know that the different phases of your menstrual cycle can influence your Hydration and Fueling needs?

Captivating YouTube thumbnail discussing the crucial role of hydration in sports. Discover the primary objective of maintaining optimal fluid balance and get the recipe for peak athletic performance. Watch, learn, and hydrate! 💧🎥 #AthleteHydration #SportsScience

Hydration Needs Differ for Women

YouTube video screenshot discussing the impact of the menstrual cycle on hydration and athletic performance in women. Dive into the science behind how hormonal fluctuations can influence fluid needs during different phases. Stay informed for peak performance! #WomenInSports

Create a Race-Day Fueling Plan

Capture from a YouTube video teaching the art of creating a personalized fueling strategy for every hour of your workout. Unlock the secrets to better endurance and performance!

Fueling Needs Shift throughout your Cycle

Captivating YouTube tutorial snapshot: Discover the art of aligning nutrition with your menstrual cycle for improved endurance. Insights include boosting carbohydrates in the pre-menstrual week to enhance workout performance. #FuelYourCycle #EnduranceNutrition 🏃‍♀️🔍

In Conclusion

Where to start

1) Track your cycle and any changes you notice day to day

2) Log what you eat and drink during training rides and events

3) Work 1-on-1 with Coach Sofi to develop your own personalized nutrition and training strategy in accordance with your menstrual cycle.

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