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Nutrition Tailored to your Goals

  • Detailed Evaluation of current diet, health history, exercise regimen, daily schedule and health goals
  • Personalized Eating Strategies for optimal health based on your lifestyle
  • Body Composition Changes: Fat loss, lean muscle gain, increase power-to-weight ratio, etc.
  • Women’s Specific Nutrition: Pair nutrition & training to your menstrual cycle or peri- and post-menopause
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food, decrease emotional eating, feel confident about your food choices and find peace with your body
  • Exercise Nutrition Strategies: Pre-, during-, and post-workout nutrition guidelines
  • Racing & Competition: Fueling and hydration strategies for peak performance including Race Week nutrition & hydration planning
  • Learn how to manipulate your diet during specific training phases to maximize physiological adaptations (i.e. Endurance, Strength, Power)
  • Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diet Optimization 



Curious about nutrition coaching? Schedule a free discovery call to receive answers to your questions about services and Coach Sofi’s nutrition philosophy to ensure we are good fit.

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50-Minute Consultation

This is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with expert Nutritionist and Endurance Coach Sofi and get answers to your specific nutrition and training questions. Discover healthy and sustainable nutrition tips, sports performance nutrition strategies, learn how to train and eat according to menstrual cycle, address fatigue, optimize race-day nutrition and more.



Coach Sofi’s Premium Monthly Coaching gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your goals.   

Each month, you will receive expert guidance, coaching calls, and a habit-based nutrition plan as we further refine your individualized nutrition strategy, track progress, and overcome hurdles together.                                                                        All plans include a comprehensive evaluation of your current diet, meal timing, exercise habits, and lifestyle


Take your first steps toward improving your nutrition habits and achieving your goals as we delve into one-on-one nutrition coaching and personalized support. 

Best for:  People looking to dial in sports nutrition strategies and improve daily nutrition.

  • Initial Consultation & Comprehensive Dietary Analysis
  • 30-min phone call every 4 weeks
  • Email/Text: Bi-Weekly
  • Optional: INSCYD Metabolic Testing Add-on for highly specific nutrient demands
  • 3-month commitment


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See real change. Create a solid foundation of improved nutrition habits and body composition for long-term health and wellness.                                   

Best for:  Those who want to break through plateaus with consistent accountability and customization tailored to a busy lifestyle.

  • Initial Consultation & Comprehensive Dietary Analysis
  • 30-min phone call every 2 weeks
  • Email/Text: Weekly
  • Optional: INSCYD Metabolic Testing Add-on for highly specific nutrient demands
  • 5-month commitment


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Get pro-level treatment with unlimited support. We will simplify daily nutrition to increase energy, restore gut health, speed up recovery, and maximize performance.

Best for:  People who want to experience whole-body transformation and optimal health.

  • Initial Consultation & Comprehensive Dietary Analysis
  • Weekly 25-min phone calls
  • Email/Text: Unlimited
  • Optional: INSCYD Metabolic Testing Add-on for highly specific nutrient demands
  • 6-month commitment


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Take your health, body composition and fitness to the next level with personalized fitness and nutrition coaching tailored to your goals. Receive one-on-one support, feedback and accountability to keep you on track. 

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